Traveling to New York, Hawaii, Paris, Morocco?

We think that where you stay matters. Careful hotel or resort selection with you in mind is our goal. It matters where the hotel is located, what amenities they offer, what service they provide.

Our preferred partnership status with exclusive hotels like the Four Seasons Ritz-Carlton, and other Virtuoso properties allow us to offer the privileges you deserve. Room upgrades, included breakfasts, and extra amenities like free lunches, spa credits, or airport transfers, are just some of the amenities that we can provide. We also have personal connections with representatives in the resorts and hotels you choose. In other words, you get the best service, the best rooms, and the recognition you deserve.

During the hotel and resort selection process, Custom Travel will send our client a complete (un-biased) review with google mapping of the property. Our service continues with information on “sights and events” in the area, and of course “restaurants and food venues.”

Our services include hotels from 5 star to 3 star. Never think that “it is only a place that I will sleep.” The perfect hotel or resort sets the tone for the city, the vacation, and your mood.

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